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Alien Invasion

Alyse Anders

Sci-Fi Romance

Welcome to my Alyse Anders, sci-fi romance page! 

These books explore strange new worlds, all with a happy ending. 

Twenty-eight women board the Kraken, a long-range transport ship, for a sector of space unknown to those on Earth. Arriving after fifty years in stasis, they wake to discover an alien race, their cyborg protectors, and the revelation that they are each destined to mate with one of the cyborg leaders.

Join the women as they discover love and fill the void in their cyborg mates, as well as their own hearts.

Cyborg Protectors Vol 1 cover

Are you bored of life on Earth?
Looking for adventure? Excitement? Romance?
Then welcome to the Intergalactic Placement Agency!
Where your new life will be out of this world.

Alien Commanders Fake Princess cover

Four cyborgs soldiers.
Four human mates.
One daring rescue.

When the Black Guard kidnaps the fated mates of the elite cyborg soldiers only known as the Qadrus, little do they know the fury they've unleashed. With time ticking down, Eion, Qwin, Weixler, and Gadiel will do anything necessary to save their mates, defeat the Black Guard, and return home.

Eion cover
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