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Alien Invasion

Cyborg Rogues

Eion cover


Book 1

Eion is the second in command of the Qadrus, an elite squad of cyborg soldiers. It's been lonely work, and with the war long over, Eion is now directionless. When he and his squad are needed for an experiment involving a group of human women, Eion agrees. What he doesn’t anticipate is the rush of lust he feels at the sight of his mate.

Meeting an alien race was the last hope Kaia had to find a cure for her terminally ill twin sister. She didn’t hesitate to board a spaceship, giving up everything in her life for the chance. What she hadn’t expected was to wake to discover that not only did they have a potential cure, but that she was the fated mate of an intense and attractive cyborg.

When the Black Guard kidnaps Kaia’s sister, she must put her life and her heart in Eion’s hands in the hopes that he can protect both.

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Qwin cover


Book 2

As the Qadrus’ doctor, Qwin has patched every type of wound. He’s put himself in danger countless times all to save others. When he first lays eyes on his mate, he realizes two things – she’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, and she’s ill. Wanting to cure her pain and suffering he’s shocked when she doesn’t want to be saved.

Olya has spent her entire life having others do everything for her. Not because she isn’t capable, but because of their guilt over her condition. When she learns that the Black Guard wants to use her as a weapon, she has no choice but to put herself in Qwin’s care.

After they escape peril and retreat to a secret base, they are quickly discovered again by the Black Guard. Qwin and Olya must trust one another to help save their companions, with all of their lives hanging in the balance.

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Weixler cover


Book 3

Weixler has a plan for everything. When people listen and do what he says, things always work out. Trapped on a shuttle with his mate, his uncontrollable urges to possess her, and a desperate man who needs their help, Weixler’s plan falls apart faster than his inability to keep his hands to himself.

Petra has spent her life rushing forward blindly, chasing the high that comes with embarking on a new adventure. Boarding the Kraken to unknown space was the next logical thing to do after running away from her broken marriage. Discovering she’s the fated mate of a cyborg security expert seems like the biggest adventure of all. That is until he starts to lose control and must rely on her to do the one thing she’s always feared – being reliable.

As Weixler’s sexual inhibitor wears off, leaving his control in tatters, he and Petra must resist one another long enough to save the woman and win their freedom.

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Gadiel cover


Book 4

Nothing is more important to Gadiel than the safety of his team. Having failed them once, leading to their deaths and rebirths as cyborgs, he swore he’d never again put them in unnecessary danger.

Dania isn’t who she claims to be. Haunted by dreams of a man whose face she never quite saw, she stole the identity of a woman slated to be on the Kraken, hoping to find him. With each passing touch and smoldering look from Gadiel, Dania can’t help but wonder if he’s the man of her dreams, or if she has stolen another woman’s mate.

Captured by the Black Guard, Gadiel and Dania must deny their growing attraction to mount their escape and thwart a plan that would force the Grus and Fallen back into exile.

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Cyborg Rogues Bonus Chapters

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