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Alien Invasion

Cyborg Protectors

Consumed by the Cyborg cover

Consumed By The Cyborg

Book 1

A Protective Cyborg finds his soulmate from across the galaxy.

The second Lena's ship enters Grus space, Rykal knows that his mate has arrived.
But when she's threatened to be taken from him by the man who'd turned him into a cyborg,
he kidnaps her. On the run, Rykal will stop at nothing to make Lena his while keeping her safe from the unseen alien threat that could destroy them all.

If you like hot cyborg males proving their love and smart, courageous females who save the day, then join Rykal and Lena in book 1 of the Cyborg Protector romance.

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Mated to the Cyborg cover

Mated To The Cyborg

Book 2

A dutiful cyborg must fight against his programming to be with his mate.

When Carys is woken up from her cryogenic sleep, she isn’t expecting to be told that she’s the intended mate of the man standing in front of her. But there’s no denying her attraction to the giant of a man standing before her. When Darrick’s programming begins to work against him, Carys must do everything she can to save her mate.

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Saved by the Cyborg cover

Saved By The Cyborg

Book 3

With the enemy closing in, a cyborg must do everything he can to save his mate.

Eagan has a brilliant tactical mind and was instrumental in the cyborg’s defeat over the Sholle, but in the years since the war, he’s been on his own. With the arrival of a Sholle scout ship, he’s pulled back to active duty and changed with not only saving the lives of the Grus but also a ship full of human women. When he meets his mate, Beth, Eagan’s world is turned on his head. Now, he must not only find a way to defeat the Sholle but save Beth from the Grus who want to keep them apart.

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Healed by the Cyborg cover

Healed By The Cyborg

Book 4

To save his mate, he must first heal his heart.

Hallam had wanted a mate and family before the war. But with his death and subsequent rebirth as a cyborg, those things appeared to have slipped from his grasp. When he’s faced with the arrival of a ship of human women, he must fight past his primal urges to claim his human mate and do what needs to be done to save the lives of the women trapped in stasis and prevent the Sholle from discovering their ship.

Ina is a brilliant engineer who is losing her sight. When the process of having her vision repaired backfires, she must put her trust in a man who claims her as his own while attempting to use her skills to save her friends.

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Chained to the Cyborg cover

Chained To The Cyborg

Book 5

To keep her safe, he must bring her to the most dangerous place on the planet – prison.

As warden of The Prison, Zee ensures everything runs smoothly. But when he’s informed that he has a mate from halfway across the galaxy, his carefully controlled world gets turned upside down. To make matters worse, the man who betrayed him also has a mate who will stop at nothing to see him.

As a paramedic, Mags is used to jumping into danger to do what’s necessary to save others. When she realizes that Tara’s mate is a murderer, she makes it her mission to help keep her safe, while coming to terms with her intense relationship with Zee.

Now charged with keeping both women safe, Zee must fight against his blind lust for Mags to keep them safe in the most perilous place on Grus Prime.

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Freed by the Cyborg cover

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Freed By The Cyborg

Book 6

A protective cyborg must trust his mate to free his heart.

Ingo is the ice-cold head of security at The Prison. Feared by all, he rarely speaks as he patrols the corridors keeping both prisoners and the guards in line. When he’s told that he has a mate who’s traveled across the galaxy to be with him, he knows she will be nothing but trouble.

Darby didn’t have much time to think about her reasons for leaving Earth – not with the police hot on her trail. But waking up on a new planet and being told that the cyborg unconscious on the floor beside her is her mate – oh and he’s the chief of security of a prison, well that’s not so good for her.

When the prison goes into lockdown, Ingo puts his heart on the line and his trust in Darby, so they can save the lives of their friends in danger.

Exposed by the Cyborg cover

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Exposed By The Cyborg

Book 7

A spy must expose his heart to save his mate.

Pax has been a spy undercover at The Prison for years. When he learns of a plot to assassinate the head of the Grus Prime space station, he knows he must get the information out before it’s too late. But when an attempted prison escape leaves him with damaged memory, Pax must go to extremes to fill in the gaps.

Sabeen left Earth, she didn’t expect to end up the supposed mate of a cyborg spy. When she learns that he’s about to undergo a dangerous procedure to help repair his memory and discover to stop an assassination plot, she realizes that she must help him, or risk losing him forever.

Connecting their minds to that of a killer, Pax and Sabeen put their relationship and their lives on the line to help save a man and stop a war.

Redeemed by the Cyborg cover

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Redeemed By The Cyborg

Book 8

A criminal redeemed by love from across the galaxy.

Rennick is guilty. In a moment of mental trauma during battle, he’d killed his best friend and his patrol, only to be brought back to life as a cyborg. After the war, he paid for his crimes, housed in the darkest cell in The Prison and left to his shadowy thoughts. He’s shocked when an unexpected light shines in to the darkness of his mind – Tara, his mate, is awake.

Tara left Earth knowing no one would miss her. When she’s told her cyborg mate is a murderer, she’s unable to accept this, not understanding what she’d done to warrant having a mate like Rennick.

When Rennick is offered the opportunity to be cybernetically linked with Tara to fix his dark nature, he sees it as his one chance to be redeemed . Together they must work together to stop an attack that could destroy all cyborg life on Zarlan.

Seduced by the Cyborg cover

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Seduced By The Cyborg

Book 9

Cyborg and Grus unification – that’s been Aidric’s dream since the fateful day he’d created the Fallen and helped defeat an enemy invasion. As the administrator of Grus Prime, he has worked tirelessly to bridge the divide between their two people, sacrificing everything necessary to make them whole. Even his chance at love.

But someone has been watching him, waiting for the day when she can prove her love.

The station’s artificial intelligence has grown, evolved, and become aware enough to know she’d do anything for Aidric. Even breaking all the rules by downloading her consciousness into a prototype matrix so she can finally be with him.

When an assassination plot against Aidric is revealed, the AI must choose between living in her new body or returning to the mainframe to save the man she’s grown to love.

Cyborg Protectors Boxset

Cyborg Protectors Vol 1 cover

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Cyborg Protectors Vol 2 cover

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