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Tik Tok Boom


My dream of becoming a world-famous travel photographer is done, over, kaput. Which is fine. I’m happy rearranging screaming triplets for family portraits at my photo center and teaching the Photography 101 class at my local community college. Honest! I could have done it forever if I hadn’t laid eyes on him. The most handsome man talking on a cell phone alone in a park I’d ever seen. With my libido sitting up and paying attention, I snap his picture.


My one-in-a-million photo is the best I’ve ever taken, and my students have decided I need to find my mystery man. I agree! I just wish they hadn’t put out a plea on TikTok. Now we’ve gone viral, and my boss is demanding answers. If I can’t find Hot Park Guy and get him to sign a consent form, I’m out of a job.



It was only supposed to be a short trip to the park to prove to my therapist that I hadn’t become a complete hermit. I was only going to ask the woman with the camera a quick question and then be on my way. I certainly didn’t expect my first trip out of the house in ages to catapult me to internet virality. Now Andie and I are taking charge of our newfound fame and budding friendship. She's smart, funny, and I can't keep my hands off her. As we grow more famous, we start to lose control of the situation, and I have to hang on tight to her and hope our carefully constructed world doesn't blow up.

CW: Topics of anxiety, depression, and bullying.

Book cover for Side Quest by Christine d'Abo
Side Quest

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Side Quest


Ever since I was a kid, I’ve dreamed of being a chef. After graduating at the top of my class in culinary school and successfully running a restaurant, my professional life is amazing. Personally, I’m more than a little lonely, but you can’t have everything. Things are going just fine … until the owner of the restaurant fires me. To make matters worse, he’s sabotaging my job applications, preventing me from finding employment anywhere in Toronto. 


Fine then. I’ll take matters into my own hands and apply for the head chef position for an e-sports team … whatever the hell that is. I don’t mind learning new things, especially if my teacher is the team's older and very hot co-founder. 




I’m not exactly what you call a foodie. Give me instant ramen or a protein shake any day. But when Holly shows up at work with a food truck as her application for the chef’s position, I’m ready to trade; I’ll show her how to play video games if she’ll teach me how to appreciate food. She’ll get to do something that she hadn’t as a kid, and I get to spend time with her.

Everything’s fine until my fans see us interacting during a livestream. The next thing I know, the company gives Holly her own cooking stream and wants me to help. It would be perfect if it wasn’t for the jealousy, backstabbing, and drama that unfold while she’s breaking more than a few eggs. When one hot night has me questioning my entire professional existence, do I go adventuring on this romantic side quest, or will I stumble and break her heart—or worse, both of ours?

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